Pillow Plate Applications That You Should Be Aware Of

Pillow Plate Applications That You Should Be Aware Of

Pillow Plates are made up of two stainless steel sheets welded together with laser technology and have countless applications in different industries. Therefore, you can avail them in a broad range of specifications, for achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness. Process Engineers And Associates, being one of the trusted Pillow Plate Manufacturers in Delhi, bring you the best quality. If you have any doubt whether it fit your need or not, check out the Pillow Plate applications mentioned below and make your selection based on the same.

Pillow Plate

Pillow Plates Applications:

  • These pillow plates are used in Immersion Plates and clamp-on plates for satisfactory results.
  • They also have a huge demand in plate and heat recovery banks because of its characteristic of maintaining temperature accordingly.
  • Companies engaged in manufacturing Immersion Chiller, Falling Film Chiller, and Ice Machine also use these pillow plates because they are made of food-grade material and can withstand different conditions.
  • Moreover, they have a huge demand in ice banks and the making of cooling and heating plates for ensuring the rigidity and durability of the final product.

The list just doesn’t end here, it has so many other applications, and investing in them would never go wrong. If you are interested to buy, contact us right away. Being one of the paramount Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger Exporters and Suppliers in India, we’d be glad to serve you. So, hurry up! Contact us now.

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