Double Embossed Pillow Plate

Double Embossed Pillow Plate

Double Embossed Pillow Plate is used as a heat exchanger for liquids, granules and even powders. Due to its double embossed design, it has versatile uses and endless features for ensuring optimum performance. Process Engineers And Associates is one of the most determined Double Embossed Pillow Plate Manufacturers in Delhi. These Double and Single Embossed Pillow Plate is both sides equally inflated and used mainly for heat transfer applications.

Pillow Plates are customizable according to the requirements and settings which have multipurpose applications. Double-embossed Pillow Plate is one of the types of Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger design made by the process of inflation of two metal plates and spot-welding them parallelly giving it a wavy pillow-like form. It is effective for heat transfer due to its wide surface area coverage. Pillow plates embossed on both sides are suitable for application as heat exchangers in processes involving sterilization, distillation and condensation of liquids. Many industries make use of Double-embossed Pillow Plates in immersion processes that facilitate the transfer of heat between two or more fluids. Double-embossed Pillow Plate finds its applications in heating and cooling processes mainly in industrial operations in industries such as the food & beverage industry.

Features Of Double Embossed Pillow Plates:

  • Ideal to be used in refrigerators as Evaporating Plates
  • The thickness and spot pattern of the plate can be varied and depends entirely on the pressure requirement of a particular application.
  • The use of good quality material and the right process ensure their durable performance for years and years.
  • Can be tailored as per the need of your process and offer better flexibility and mechanical stabilization.

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