Eutectic Plate

Eutectic Plate

Eutectic Plate is a major component of any cold-chain, consist of hollow tubes, beams or plates filled with a eutectic brine to store and produce energy. Also, it helps to produce a cooling effect whenever needed to maintain the correct temperature. If you are searching for one of the best Eutectic Plate Manufacturers in Delhi, Process Engineers And Associates would be the ideal stop. These plates are designed and manufactured using advanced technology at our in-house facility and will offer maximum possible benefits to the users.

Excellent Features Of Eutectic Plates:

  • Ensure effective insulation through transport
  • Maintain accurate temperature levels
  • Eutectic Plate Freezer provides considerable cost-saving
  • Zero-emission and safe to use
  • No connection to a vehicle engine
  • Maintenance-free and require no fuel or energy for refrigeration
  • Operating cost of Eutectic Plates is low and will fit your stipulated budget
  • Known for its silent operation

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