Falling Film Chiller

Falling Film Chiller

A Falling Film Chiller is a kind of water cooler whose application depends on Pillow Plate technology and is suitable for cooling your products. The technique, quality and components of this system are highly advanced and offer great results to the final users. Process Engineers And Associates, being one of the paramount Falling Film Chiller Manufacturers in Delhi have experience, expertise and excellence to offer reliable solutions as per the needs.

Salient Features Of Falling Film Chillers:

  • Due to modern technology, it’ll ensure fast ice water production.
  • The system is designed to last for years and requires very low maintenance.
  • It is suitable to be used for most refrigerants.
  • The construction is open to ease the cleaning process.
  • The outer walls of this Falling Film Water Chiller are made of stainless steel, which makes it ready for rough and tough conditions.
  • The design is custom made for your needs.

Falling Film Chiller – Produce Ice In Bulk!

For cooling applications, Falling Film Chillers extensively used for producing large quantities of ice in processes such as for making beverages, ice-cream factories and more. As one of the paramount Falling Film Chiller Manufactures, we bring cost-effective industrial hardware. Stainless-steel Falling Film Chillers are a value for money because of their long-lasting service and corrosion-resistant body. These are easy to clean.

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