High Efficiency Pillow Plate

High Efficiency Pillow Plate

Pillow plates are also called as dimple or thermo plates. These consist of stainless steel sheets, which are laser welded together by welding a custom circle weld pattern. These can be used for n number of products including filter housings, tanks, heat exchangers etc. Process Engineers And Associates, being one of the trusted High Efficiency Pillow Plate Manufacturers in Delhi, bring it to you in single and double embossed options that you can pick as per the need. For best quality of Laser Welded Plate, reach us.

Due to the geometrical design, pillow plates are used in industries as heat exchangers and jacketed containers. It is designed by spot-welding and inflating metal sheets as required. Pillow Plates have various advantages in industrial operations. High-efficiency Pillow Plates efficiently transfer heat and are effective for fluid flow applications. A High-efficiency Pillow Plate used on vessels and tanks in industries like that of, dairy, food & beverage industry. In dairy industries pillow plates are used for milk pasteurization. For immersion cooling and heating applications of liquids, High-efficiency Pillow Plate Heat Exchangers offer the advantage of higher heat transfer coefficients. A cost-effective system that performs heat transfer, High-efficient Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger is flexible in use and can withstand extreme pressure and high temperatures.

Highlighted Features Of High-Efficiency Pillow Plates:

  • Unique Transfer Property: These plates allow optimum flow to ensure efficient heat transfer.
  • Designed As Per The Need: Every process has its own requirements, and these plates can be moulded easily for your specific requirements.
  • Used In Different Applications: The use of pillow plates is not limited to one or two applications, but it has its demand in every second process, wherever there is a need for cooling or heating.

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Investing in the Pillow Plate is a positive contribution that will ensure the development of your products and processes. Our name is noted among the recognized High Efficiency Pillow Plates Exporters and Suppliers in India. You can ask for customization or request a quote by filling the enquiry form available on the website.

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