Ice Bank Silo

Ice Bank Silo

Ice Bank Silo is a large ice surface which eases the process of cooling products more efficiently irrespective of extreme load peaks. It’s a technology of new generation and ensures energy-saving production. Process Engineers And Associates is one of the preeminent Ice Bank Silo Manufacturers in Delhi. We have a team of engineers and best resources to manufacture the best solution to suit your requirements.

Features Of Ice Bank Silos:

  • Modern Design: it’s a new generation technology and has a modern design, which eases the process of cooling products and the best part is that you can easily expand its capacity by adding a module.
  • Fully Automatic Operation: To complete the cooling process, maintaining the right temperature and uniform circulation through silo requires a continuous and highly precise regulation, thus, perform its functions automatically.
  • A Flexible System: Installation, operation as well as maintenance of Stainless Steel Ice Bank Silo is very easy and can be done very quickly, which make it a cost-effective and flexible option to invest in.

Ice Bank Silo – Best For Chilling Equipment!

Ice Bank Silo extensively used in food processing such as for manufacturing ice-creams, or applications in dairies and breweries. We are one of the noted in Ice Bank Silo manufacturers. Stainless Steel Ice Bank Silos are typically employed for their wide surface area in chilling applications in industries that utilize ice in bulk quantities.

If you are astonished by what we offer, that is because we give attention to details when while developing products to suit your needs. To book orders, reach out to us with your requirements now.

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As one of the prominent Pillow Plate Manufacturers or Ice Bank Silo Tanks Exporters and Suppliers in India, we not only ensure product quality but their competitive market price, high performance and after sale support as well. To be a part of our happy clientele, contact us now.

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