Immersion Heat Exchanger

Immersion Heat Exchanger

Immersion heat exchangers can be either a single plate or multiple Pillow Plates assembled together. They are immersed in a fluid to achieve the desired heating operation. Different businesses use it in either batch processing or in a continuous flow. Being one of the prominent Immersion Heat Exchanger Manufacturers In Delhi, Process Engineers And Associates is a highly respected company for availing all kinds of pillow plates or heat exchangers. Our Immersion Plate Heat Exchanger is designed for high corrosion resistance. So, you can treat a wide variety of fluids without any damage to the plates.

Why Our Immersion Heat Exchangers?

  • Versatility - You can use these exchangers for cooling or heating a wide variety of fluids without any difficulties. This also includes highly viscous liquids.
  • Non-Stick Material - The material used is non-sticky in nature, and this also ensures smooth functioning while heating different types of fluids.
  • Open Design - The open design of these exchangers allows easy maintenance and you don’t have to put much effort into it.

Immersion Heat Exchanger - Excellent Way To Ensure Optimum Output!

Integrate your processes with an Immersion Heat Exchanger that regulate the temperature of liquids suited to requirements. These are immersed in coolants to evenly transfer heat, ensuring optimum output. By securing a name as one of the trusted Immersion Heat Exchanger Manufacturers, we construct heat exchangers of flexible designs with food-grade materials. Our pillow plates can heat or cool liquids of high density, as well.

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