Industrial Pillow Plate

Industrial Pillow Plate

Industrial pillow plates are used widely in dairy, beverage, and other industries. Process Engineers And Associates uses the latest technology to inflate these plates and the weld is strong enough to withstand several years of usage. Being one of the most trusted Industrial Pillow Plate Manufacturers In Delhi, our products are used everywhere from the chemical industry to the food industry. As these industries require the plates in different specifications, we offer a complete range of Industrial Pillow Plate whether single-embossed, double-embossed, or tank components. Our company has always pushed the traditional boundaries of innovation and the evolution of our plates reflects that perfectly.

Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger that transfers heat between more than one fluid, which is extensively used in industries is called an industrial pillow plate and finds its application as components in various industrial processes such as in cooling or heating, air conditioning and condensation. Due to its spot-welded design, the heat transfer in Pillow Plate is effective and is used in beer tanks in breweries or milk tanks in dairy industries and food manufacturing industries. Stainless Steel Pillow Plate that we offer has vast use in distillation processes as a head condenser or in processes, which have single-phase media on both sides of the apparatus.

Key Qualities Of Our Industrial Pillow Plate:

  • Light Construction - The plate design is compact and light which makes the overall set up easy to transport from one location to another.
  • Low Maintenance - As the material used in manufacturing plates is light, you can easily dismantle it for maintenance purposes.
  • Customization - We manufacture each unit of Laser Welded Plate as per the requirements of our clients. Specifications can cover everything from material, size, number and angle of plates.

We are established as one of the most dependable Industrial Pillow Plate Exporters and Suppliers In India. The durability of our Laser Welded Pillow Plate makes them highly preferred in the market. Call now to place your order.

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