Pillow Plate For Falling Film Water Chiller

Pillow Plate For Falling Film Water Chiller

A falling film water chiller, as the name suggests, is used for cooling water to the desired temperature. This ice water is used further in cooling large quantities of a product in a much shorter amount of time. These water chillers utilize pillow plates to perform this task of cooling. Process Engineers And Associates has become the most preferred Manufacturers of Pillow Plate for Falling Film Water Chiller in Delhi. So, whenever you need Pillow Plates for these Falling Film Water Chiller, contact us straight away, and we will deliver products tailored to your requirements.

Major Characteristics Of Our Pillow Plate For Falling Film Water Chiller:

  • Simple Design - The simple design of these plates improves the efficiency of these water chillers significantly.
  • Variety - You can avail our pillow plates for water chillers of different capacities. We will take care of everything from the shape, size and thickness of the plate.
  • Reasonable Price - These pillow plates come in a highly reasonable price range, and you can avail them without blowing your budget.

Our company is one of the topmost Suppliers and Exporters of Pillow Plate in India. Call us right now to discuss your requirements, and we will deliver the right product within a few days.

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