Pillow Plate For Milk Tanks

Pillow Plate For Milk Tanks

Process Engineers And Associates is a name that has become synonymous with premium quality pillow plates in the industry. We have managed to earn the faith of several esteemed organizations by delivering Stainless Steel Pillow Plate of world-class quality. These plates of milk tanks are capable of cooling large amounts of milk without any difficulty. We are one of the highly respected Manufacturers of Pillow Plate for Milk Tank in Delhi. We understand the requirements of the dairy industry to the last detail and deliver products which are in-line with the current demands of the industry. You can avail our products by getting in touch with us directly.

Reasons To Invest In Our Pillow Plates For Milk Tank:

  • Cooling Medium - You can use different types of cooling mediums when using our Pillow Plate. So, it gives you the freedom to choose the easily accessible ones.
  • Capacity - These plates for milk tanks are capable of handling high amounts of milk at once, and you can rely on them for outstanding cooling performance.
  • Material - They are made from grade quality material sourced from highly trusted vendors to ensure great durability.

Why We Are The Best Manufacturer Of Pillow Plate For Milk Tanks?

Dairy Industries use vessels with heat exchanger such as Pillow Plates. These industries require Stainless Steel Milk Tank integrated with insulated pillow plates to facilitate cooling. Our brand belongs to the club of trusted manufacturers of Pillow Plate for Milk Tanks. Our Stainless Steel Plates are known for: -

  • Plates maintain uniform processing temperature.
  • Their robust make, user-specific size and wide range of customizable designs.
  • The ability to provide resistance to tanks from abrasion and possible toxins.
  • Their capacity to extend the service life of tanks due to its super stainless-steel finish.

We are the renowned manufacturer of Pillow Plate for Milk Tanks in Dairy Industries in India, offering industry standardized pillow plates for Dairy Tanks. Our Milk Tank Plates are customizable as per requirements and priced as per market rates. Feel free to fill up the enquiry form to know more, our team is here to guide you.

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