Pillow Plates

Pillow Plates

Process Engineers And Associates specializes in manufacturing top-quality pillow plates as per the clients’ specific requirements. Being one of the most reliable Pillow Plates Manufacturers In Delhi, we never deliver a product of substandard quality to the clients. A pillow plate is most commonly used in the dairy industry for cooling milk stored in stainless steel tanks. The entire process of cooling milk in this manner is indirect. Alternative flow channels ensure the liquids never come in contact and heat exchange through surface completes the task. Our Industrial Pillow Plate is appreciated in the market for its efficiency and effectiveness in different industries.

Heat exchangers are of many types, which are used in various machines such as refrigerators, air conditioners and many more. These are also used for industrial purposes. A system that facilitates the transfer of heat is called a heat exchanger. One of the many types of heat exchangers is the Pillow Plate heat exchanger. Pillow plates are exchangers that have two parallel thin sheets of plates made of steel, predominantly. The two plates are spot welded by resistance or laser welding, and due to its wavy pillow-like form, it is known as pillow plates. The application of pillow plates is more popular due to its wavy geometrical feature. Such heat exchangers used for condensation or distillation in the chemical industry.

Pros Of Our Pillow Plates You Should Know:

  • Ensure uniform heat transfer because of the large surface area.
  • Have low welding cost and ensures huge savings in the long-run.
  • Offered Stainless Steel Pillow Plate has a maximum heat transfer area.
  • Have an intricate design that makes dismantling easy for maintenance work.
  • Keep the content within the tanks made of it protected and ensure better finishing.
  • Minimize the cost of semi-finished products by allowing the use of thinner materials.
  • Helps to maintain high sanitary standards because of their ability to get cleaned effortlessly.
  • Made of premium-grade steel and can withstand challenging environments while preventing corrosion and rust damages.

Application Areas:

  • Food Industry for Water Chillers and Exhaust Recuperators.
  • Other Industries for heating/cooling tanks, oil coolers and more.
  • Chemical Industry for condensers, heat exchangers and vaporizers.

Why Choose Our Pillow Plate?

  • Maximum Heat Transfer Surface - We have engineered our Laser Welded Pillow Plate in such a way that the heat transfer surface is maximized.

  • Efficient Performance - As the heat transfer surface is maximized, the performance of the plates becomes more efficient and effective.

  • Intricate Plate Design - The intricate design of these plates facilitates easy dismantling for maintenance works.
Buy Pillow Plates Now!

Counted as one of the reliable Pillow Plate Exporters and Suppliers in India, we have team and resources to manufacture the end-design based on your application and requirements. Get in touch to have a direct discussion with our experts.

Pillow Plate is a heat exchanger designed for industrial heating or cooling of products. Available in single and double embossing, this Pillow Plate Jacket Tank is accurate and used as a manufacturing component for tanks for Milk Refrigerators, Ice Cream Tanks, Soft Drink Tank, Wine or Beer Tanks etc. Process Engineers And Associates is one of the best Pillow Plate Manufacturers in Delhi. Backed by advanced technology, we bring you the fine, flexible and functional Pillow Plates at the best prices in different specifications.




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