Single Embossed Pillow Plate

Single Embossed Pillow Plate

Single Embossed Pillow Plate is designed to be used in specific applications that require cooling or heating and thus, available in different standards, materials, and thicknesses. Process Engineers And Associates, being one of the preeminent Single Embossed Pillow Plate Manufacturers in Delhi, have these Single as well as Double Embossed Pillow Plate designs for enabling flexible use. Only the good quality materials and high-technology get implemented throughout the process to ensure the final results will not disappoint you.

Pillow plates designs are classified into two types, one is single-embossed and the other is double-embossed. A Pillow Plate is welded and inflated to give it a wavy pillow-like structure. The single-embossed plate variant consists of two Laser Welded Plate of which, one of the plates remains flat. Single-embossed Pillow Plate is extensively used for cooling and heating processes in the dairy industry. Due to its design, the inner channel of single-embossed plates is smooth and flat allowing a clear flow of liquid. Single-embossed Pillow Plate is befitting as tank walls in food processing industries for heating and cooling. In the processing industries, for instance, in food industries, Single-embossed Pillow Plate is used as a heat exchanger for manufacturing tanks. This pillow plate delivers high efficiency on its application due to its flexibility and resistance to extreme pressures in operations.

Advantages Of Using Single Embossed Pillow Plates:

  • These Pillow Plate are known for their smooth surface and thus, can be cleaned easily and gently.
  • These plates can be used under a transport conveyor used in food as well as baking industries to cool down the product.
  • Even the plate is very thin but has a very great ability to withstand high operating pressure.
  • These are extremely suitable and ideally used as a tank wall for cooling or heating tanks for the food industries.

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This Stainless Steel Pillow Plate has many uses thus, have a huge demand in different applications. We are renowned as the best Single Embossed Pillow Plates Exporters and Suppliers in India. To place your order or to enquire more about our products, feel free to get in touch.

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