Stainless Steel Pillow Plate

Stainless Steel Pillow Plate

Our pillow plates are known for providing high thermal performance in a wide variety of applications. Driven by the idea of delivering world-class products to our clients, we are never satisfied with substandard products. Consistent improvement and breaching our own standards is the key to our success. As a result, Process Engineers And Associates is notable among the eminent Stainless Steel Pillow Plate Manufacturers In Delhi. These Pillow Plate transfer the thermal energy between the process liquid and the heat exchanger medium that flows through the exchanger. The process liquid is circulated around the heat exchanger to heat or cool it up to the desired temperature.

The material used for constructing heat exchangers should be durable, that is why stainless steel is an ideal material. Although, Pillow Plate Heat Exchangers are made of various materials Stainless Steel Pillow Plates are proven to have higher durability than any other material. Typically, a pillow plate comprises of two metal sheets chiefly stainless steel. The stainless-steel sheets are welded together. Stainless Steel Pillow Plates can be single-embossed or double-embossed depending on the requirements. Welding is done by either electric resistance or by laser depending on the material thickness and specifications. Single-embossed Stainless Steel Pillow Plates are heat exchangers used as containers or tanks in different process industries. Double-embossed Pillow Plates are made of stainless steel that has its use in heat recovery banks or for applications involving immersion.

Reasons To Choose Our Stainless Steel Pillow Plates:

  • Precise Operations - You can effectively heat or cool the process liquid to the desired temperature and maintain it at that exact temperature for several hours.
  • Affordable - These Industrial Pillow Plate come in a reasonable price range and you can acquire them without blowing your budget.
  • Efficiency - We promise you that it is hard to find exchangers with as good as efficiency as our plates demonstrate.

Our company is established as one of the highly respected SS Pillow Plates Exporters and Suppliers In India. Request a quote for our SS Pillow Plate by filling the given enquiry form.

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