Vertical Pillow Plate

Vertical Pillow Plate

Pillow plates are heat exchanger plates which are available in vertical as well as horizontal designs and in different other configurations to suit the different industry needs. Process Engineers And Associates, being one of the paramount Vertical Pillow Plate Manufacturers in Delhi, bring these widely demanded Laser Welded Plate at industry-leading prices.

Vertical Pillow Plate is one of the few different types of Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger, customized and designed by laser-welding technique. A Vertical Pillow Plate predominantly used in processes that require a vertical flow of liquids. The falling liquid film is the vertical flow of liquid downwards in a tube, and a Vertical Pillow Plate used as an evaporator. Industries use falling films for several purposes such as distillation, condensation and so on. Industries such as pharmaceuticals that largely work on heating and air-conditioning processes employ vertical evaporators as it saves cost. Due to its vertical design, it is able to minimize the number of residual deposits commonly known as fouling. Vertical Pillow Plate ensures liquid films have increasing turbulent flow subsequently allowing higher heat transfer coefficients.

Why Vertical Pillow Plates?

  • Ensure Uniform Heat Transfer: The unique welding pattern of the plates ensures high turbulence, which assures superior heat transfer on every nook and corner of the plate.
  • Save Your Bucks: Thinner material is used in these plates, which saves you a lot on welding as well as material costing.
  • Used In Diverse Applications: Be it Chemical or Process industry, these Industrial Pillow Plate have their demand in different industries for the relevant heat transfer applications.

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The performance of our offered Stainless Steel Pillow Plate is highly exceptional and consider as the best in the domain and that is the only reason, we have marked our presence among the noted Vertical Pillow Plates Exporters and Suppliers in India. To place your order or ask for any customizations, contact us today.

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