Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger Working – A Brief Description

Pillow Plate, nowadays, has a huge demand in different sectors. This is nothing but a metal heat exchanger formed mainly by inflating of two spaced thin steel sheets, laser welded to each other.

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Pillow Plate Applications That You Should Be Aware Of

Pillow Plates are made up of two stainless steel sheets welded together with laser technology and have countless applications in different industries. Therefore, you can avail them in a broad range of specifications, for achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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Pillow-Plate Heat Exchangers: Fundamental Characteristics

Pillow-Plate Heat Exchanger is a type of a novel heat exchanger whose design is based on wavy-pillow like plate geometry. They are made of parallel plates arranged as a stack and perform the function of heat exchangers.

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Versatile Properties Of Milk Tanks For Efficient Applications

The dairy industry processes milk and dairy products and is one of the various foods & beverage industries. Noticeable growth in this industry calls for a substantial increase in the right resources.

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