Ice Bank Tank Working

Ice Bank Tank Working

Ice Bank Tank is a small refrigeration system that cools down the unit for several hours until the energy in the form of ice is made to be used later on. The stored ice later used to cool the water or milk and used in the process the next day. Process Engineers And Associates is one of the leading Ice Bank Tank Manufacturers. To know the Dairy Ice Bank Tank Working Principle, check the steps mentioned below.

Step By Step Ice Bank Tank System Working:

  • Step 1: During night time, water that contains 25% ethylene or propylene glycol is cooled by a chiller built within it. That solution circles inside the heat exchanger within the Ice Bank tank, freezing 95% of the water that encompasses the heat exchanger inside the tank. The water encompassing the heat exchanger stays inside the tank even after the process, which keep it protected against any damage.
  • Step 2: Ice gets formed uniformly via counter-flow-heat exchanger tubes, which can be used later in the process when there is low power or no power.
  • Step 3: During peak hours, the glycol solution circulates through the storage tank and deliver the stored energy to offset electric chiller cooling. Due to this, work never gets hampered and boosts productivity as well.
  • Step 4: Lastly, a fan within Ice Bank Tank blows the air over the coils to deliver cooling to obtain chilled milk or water, without breaking the banks.

From the above, Working Of Ice Bank Tank is clear and if you are interested, place your order for the Ice Bank Tank System now.

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What is your company profile?

Process Engineers And Associates was established in the year 2013, under the efficient headship of Mr. Mahesh Chand Chawla. His deep and in-depth knowledge in the domain of pillow plates have made us stand amidst the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. The Ice Bank Tank Working is available in various sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of the buyers and application areas. The array includes Pillow Plates, Industrial Pillow Plate, Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger, Immersion Pillow Plate, Embossed Pillow Plate, Brewing Tank, Brewing Fermentation Tank, Wine Tank, Wine Making Tank, Wine Processing Equipment, and more.

Why is the Ice Bank Tank Working different?

The Ice Bank Tank Working is a type of industrial cooling or heating products, which are used for various applications. Thus, this has become an inevitable part of Cooling Milk, Soft Drink, Wine/Beer, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Meat Processing industries. The use of premium quality raw materials also makes the Ice Bank Tank Working unique in its efficiency and performance.

What are the attributes of Ice Bank Tank Working?

The attributes of the Ice Bank Tank Working, offered by us, are as listed below:

  • Quality - Committed to deliver excellent products, various measures taken to meet the world-class quality standards.
  • Advance working - a team of professionals work on the R&D to ensure Ice Bank Tank Working is completely as per the requirements of the buyers and application areas.
  • Wide Range - the array is huge and diverse to meet the requirements of the application areas. There is no alternate available.
  • Wide network - strong business network have made the Ice Bank Tank Working available in every corner of the word.


Is customer support available for Ice Bank Tank Working?

Yes, customer support is available. All you need to do is fill in the ‘Enquire Now’ form available on the website. You can call on +91-8527455996 or drop an email on to place order for Ice Bank Tank Working. You can also visit us at our location E-78, Sector 63, Noida – 201307, Uttar Pradesh, India.

What makes you stand among the trusted Ice Bank Tank Working Manufacturers?

As there is no alternate available to our Ice Bank Tank Working, when it comes to quality and efficiency, we have become the foremost choice of the buyers. In addition to this, some other reasons that make us stand among the trusted Ice Bank Tank Working Manufacturers in India are:

  • Excellent quality & extensive range
  • Team of highly experienced professionals
  • Advance manufacturing facility
  • Huge list of prestigious clients
  • Industry leading prices.
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