Immersion Chiller

Immersion Chiller

Immersion Chiller is designed to circulate cooling fluid through its copper/stainless steel coil, which is placed in the hot wort to drop down the temperature quickly for fermentation. Process Engineers And Associates is one of the most resourceful Immersion Chiller Manufacturers in Delhi that bring this cost-effective and long-lasting solution for meeting the cooling needs of your application or process. Contact us to know more about our Pillow Plate.

Benefits Of Immersion Chillers:

  • Chill Faster: An Immersion Cooler is a far more effective method of cooling hot wort than anything else. The process of cooling through it consumes less water and chill faster.
  • Highly Efficient And Effective: This Stainless Immersion Chiller is proved its worth and has a great demand in brewing industries. It works on a simple principle and performs its function efficiently and effectively.
  • Easy To Maintain: Sanitizing and handling these is quite easy and quick and can be done without investing a whole day and huge manpower, which results in a great saving of time, money and efforts.

Immersion Chiller – Designed To Increase Productivity!

As the name suggests, an immersion chiller is a system to circulate coolants flowing through the stainless-steel coil immersed in hot extracted wort after mashing grains in brewing processes before transferring the liquid for further processing, i.e., fermentation. As one of the top-tier Immersion Chiller Manufacturers, we bring effective solutions to increase productivity in your industry. Our immersion chillers require little maintenance and hassle-free cleaning.

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We are one of the foremost Immersion Chillers Exporters and Suppliers in India. You can contact us to get custom built designs as per the specific need of your industry or process. Also, we test their performance on different scales before dispatching them further. Call now to place your order.

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